NAVAJO INDIAN POTTERY  We have 3 types of Native American Navajo Indian Pottery. Traditional Navajo Pottery is Covered with Pinon Tree Pitch. Originally this was to make it waterproof as the clay was not fired deep enough to form a true ceramic.  There is Etched or Navajo Etchware Pottery which is a poured ceramic which is the hand carved and painted.  Navajo Horsehair Pottery is a poured ceramic to which real horse hair is burned to create a pattern on the pot.

NAVAJO INDIAN FOLK ART  Navajo Folk Art are interpretations of everday objects such as animals and people that the Navajo artist fashion from wood, clay or other natural materials.  We have these items for sale wholesale and retail.

NAVAJO INDIAN BASKETS Native American Navajo Baskets for sale are of traditional and contemporary Navajo and Ute origins. Navajo and Ute baskets are all formed using willow bows and laced together with strips of sumac.  Navajo and Ute Baskets use some symbolism in their patterns.  Usually the inner black strip represents the under world where as the red strip represents the outer world and all things in it.  The central hole is the place of emergence from the under world.

NAVAJO SAND PAINTINGS Navajo Sand Paintings we have are some of the very best. All of the Sandpaintings featured here are all matted and framed in Oak.  We have for sale both Traditional and Contemporary styles.

NAVAJO ALABASTER SCULPTURE Navajo Alabaster Sculpture are hand crafted by some of the most talented Native American sculptors around, such as Alvin Marshall, Tim Washburn and Ray Pettigrew to name a few.  Most of the stone carved is alabaster, native to the four corners region of New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. Each sculpture is unique and one of a kind.

NAVAJO INDIAN PAINTINGS Navajo Indian oil, acrylic,watercolor paintings from many of the est artists on and around the Navajo Indian reservation.

NAVAJO OLD DEAD PAWN JEWELRY Navajo old pawn jewerly including silver Concho Belts, Squash Blossem Necklaces,  Turquoise and Coral necklaces.  Bracelets in plain silver or with stones and much more.

NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN DRUMS Native American Cochiti Indian Drums both plain raw hide covered or painted rawhide. From small hand drums to lage table drums.



Featured products

Navajo Pottery Lorraine Williams 990

Traditional Navajo pottery by Lorraine Williams; 12"h x 9"w

Ranger Belt Buckle

Navajo ranger belt buckle

Silver Bow Guard

Dead pawn Native American bow guard.

Concho Belt 15 Concho's

Dead pawn sterling silver concho belt

Silver Bracelet with one turquoise stone

Dead pawn Silver Bracelet with one turquoise stone

Turquoise and Silver Choker

Dead pawn Navajo necklace with large turquoise pendant

Coral Jewelry Set

Coral Set, includes link necklace, two coral bracelets, and earrings

Seven Stone Silver Bracelet

Native American bracelet with seven turquoise stones

Cluster Bracelet

Native American cluster style bracelet