Navajo Pottery

Traditional Navajo Pottery is Covered with Pinon Tree Pitch. Originally this was to make it waterproof as the clay was not fired deep enough to form a true ceramic. 

Etched Navajo Pottery is a poured ceramic which is the hand carved and painted. 

Navajo Horsehair Pottery is a poured ceramic to which real horse hair is burned to create a pattern on the pot.

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Navajo pottery Alice Cling 300

Navajo traditional pottery by Alice Cling; 6"h x 4.5"w

Navajo Pottery Lorraine Williams 525

Traditional Navajo pottery by Lorraine Williams; 9.5"h x 7"w

NC Navajo etched bear pot

Etched and hand painted pottery plate by Arnold Brown; 7"w x 4.5"h

NC Navajo etched pottery Arnold Brown 360

Etched and hand painted pottery by Arnold Brown; 11"h x 9"w


Navajo etched horsehair pottery bear by Navajo artist Hannah Jay; 8"h x 12"l

Navajo Pitch Pot Susie Crank 450

Navajo Pot by Susie Crank; 6.5" w x 7" h

Navajo Pot by Susie Crank

Navajo Pottery by Susie Crank; 5.5" h x 5" w

Navajo Pottery Bowl 60

Navajo Pottery Bowl by Elizabeth Manygoats

Navajo pottery jug MW

Navajo pottery jug by Michelle Williams; 8"h x 6."w

Navajo Pottery Ken and Irene White 240

Navajo pitch pottery by Ken and Irene White; 9"h x 8"w

Navajo Pottery Ken and Irene White 600

Traditional Navajo pot by Ken & Irene White; 10."h x 8"w

Navajo Pottery Michelle Williams

Traditional Navajo Pottery by Michelle Williams; 6"h x 5"w

Navajo Pottery Nancy Chilly

Traditional Navajo pottery by Nancy Chilly Yazzie; 8"h x 6"w

NC Navajo Pot Lorraine Williams

Navajo Traditional Pot by Lorraine Williams; 10.5"h x 8"w

Navajo Wedding Basket pot by Ken and Irene White

Traditional Navajo 3D wedding basket pot by Ken & Irene White: 9" h x 10" w