Navajo Indian and Native American old, vintage and dead pawn Jewelry from the vaults of Foutz Trading Company for sale.

You will find authentic Silver Belts, Bracelets, Turquoise and plain Silver and Coral Necklaces as well as Squash Blossom Necklaces, Pins, Bow Guards (Gatos) and Turquoise Jacklo ear rings and rings.

All of our Navajo Pawn Jewelry comes with a 20 day free return if not compleatly satisfied.

Also please visit our other web for a more complete look the the Pawn Jewelry that we offer.

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4 Stone Turquoise Bracelet

Dead pawn sterling silver bracelet.

Chunky Turquoise Concho Belt

Dead pawn sterling silver concho belt.

Elegant turquoise stone bracelet

Navajo dead pawn bracelet

Large Sterling Silver Pendant

Dead pawn, sterling silver pendant.

Mid Size Turquoise Cluster Pin

Dead pawn turquoise,cluster, pin

Navajo Cluster Bracelet

Dead Pawn Navajo Cluster Bracelet

Small Silver Buckle

Navajo sterling silver buckle

Turquoise Cluster Pin

Dead pawn turquoise cluster pin

Turquoise Needle Point Bracelet

Dead Pawn Turquoise Needle Point Bracelet

Sterling Silver Belt 12 Conchos

Dead pawn sterling silver concho belt

Ranger Belt Buckle

Navajo ranger belt buckle


Dead pawn Native American waterbird chip inlay necklace with silver beads.

Older Navajo Cluster Bracelet

Dead pawn, Navajo Cluster Style Bracelet

Pilot Mountain Turquoise Bracelet

Dead pawn Native American bracelet with one Pilot Mountain Turquoise stone.

Silver Bow Guard

Dead pawn Native American bow guard.